Indie Totem is a digital platform, developed to give high quality indie games an opportunity to stand out. Every game is hand picked to guarantee a great gaming experience.
Every day, an indie game will be the star in Indie Totem. Interested gamers will be able to purchase it at any price they want, being one dollar the minimum. The benefits of the platform will be used to pay the expenses of the site.
Our subscription system give gamers the opportunity to get every game released in Indie Totem, as they are released. For just $20 a month, every subscriber will get a high quality indie game every single day.
The fee in months with more days is as low as any month, just $20. You’ll still receive a game every single day.
None – you can cancel the subscription at any time.
We reserve the right to decide whether a game is featured in Indie Totem. We test and evaluate every single submission and we do NOT accept payments in order to approve any of them. A game will be appropriate if we think it deserves the “indie” tag and we consider the game somehow special. We only accept games that have been developed with the objective of delivering a vision or idea. That’s why every single game at Indie Totem will have a feature that make them stand out: a deep story, fun gameplay, a very artistic display…
As soon as the purchasing process finishes, you will get a Steam key that can be easily redeemed, so that you can have immediate access to your game. No shipping fees, no waiting time.
We are sorry, but we only work with digital copies for now.
Distributing free games is not in our plans right now, but if we like your game we will give it a shout-out in our social networks, so make sure to tell us!
Since what you’ll get is a gift code… You can gift it! You can give it as a present to a friend, for example.
For now, we only offer games that are in Steam, so they will be for computers.
We can only guarantee compatibility with Windows, but many of the games you’ll find at Indie Totem will be OS X and Linux compatible.
We want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to money. We give developers between 70 and 90 percent of what the customers pay, and the rest is used to pay expenses such as servers, online transaction platforms, the people we work here and the marketing campaign we offer to every game.
There is people who buy a lot of licenses in offers like this to them sell them again,which is very harmful for developers. In order to avoid that, we have limited the amount of copies each user can buy to just one. Why would you need more?
If your game is selected, it will be in Indie Totem with no fees, and you will receive between the 70 and 90 percent of every sale once the sale finishes. For more information, send us a message to
The objective of our platform is to give the power to stand out to great indie games, so we chose a totem as a symbol of strength.
We are working hard to open our gates early 2015.
We have created Indie Totem with a clear philosophy in mind, and Early Access, Alpha and Beta games are not part of it as we intend to give our customers. Finished and polished games only. However, we encourage you to submit your game even if it is in Early Access to accelerate the admission process. It won't be sold in our site until it's fully done and released though.